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Equipment for the wet waste industry

Sludge Dewatering Containers

The Sludge Dewatering Container (SDC) is an enclosed roll-on-off container (system) equipped with inspection hatches, removable filter panels and filtrate decants points. The SDC is used in conjunction with a polymer pumping dosing unit (PPDU) to dewater sludges containing mid to light suspended solids and delivers high volume reductions of up to 95%.

How the system works:

Sludge and or waste water is delivered from a source (normally a Coarse Screening Container) to the Dewatering Container using the pumping – dosing unit; the dosing unit is used to inject the correct amount of flocculant (polymer) into product during the pumping process; this causes the suspended solids to “floc” together and produces both water and solid fractions speeding up the dewatering process. When both fractions reach the dewatering container the solid fractions are held within the container which forms a ‘cake’ allowing the clear filtrate to pass through the containers filter screens and gravitate out using two decant points.

"Clean Filtrate" from the dewatering process

“Clean Filtrate”released to sewer from the Sludge Dewatering Container

The system produces a “clean” filtrate

The standard size of the Dewatering Container is 28m³ but can be produced in various sizes from 6m³ up to 42m³.

Customer Dewatering Container Setup with holding tanks

A customers SDC, PPDU and pre-treatment holding tanks

Dewatering Container Transit

SDC in transit on articulated Roll-on-off HGV trailer

Sludge thickening

If the customer’s process requires a thickened sludge to be produced as opposed to a cake then the DWC can be adapted and fitting with varying position decant towers. The decant towers allows the operator to predetermine the point at which the DWC starts to dewater allowing the sludge – waste water to become concentrated producing a thickened product for disposal.

Thickening the sludge has the same advantages as producing a cake but gives the operator an additional disposal route.

Thickened Sludge is emptied from the Dewatering Container

Drawing off a thickened sludge instead of dry cake

Thickened sludge being removed for disposal

Benefits of Sludge Dewatering container;

  • Provides a self-sufficient facility
  • Reduces overall volumes for disposal
  • Reduces fuel consumption & operating costs
  • Better time management
  • Improves forward planning
  • Gives more control over resources
  • Provides the ability to be more reactive to demands