Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Simon Moos EOD/DOD Dosing Pump

The Simon Moos EOD/DEOD are pumping and polymer dosing units ensuring the correct amount of polymer is added to cause separation between the suspended solid and water fractions contained within a waste stream. The polymer is dispensed as it is being pumped into a Dewatering Container. A process called flocculation occurs, which greatly increases the efficiency of the dewatering procedure, with a waste cake being produced.

The mechanics:

A sludge pump draws the waste stream from a Coarse Screening Container or other bulk holding vessel; as the waste stream passes through a polymer pump injects the correct amount of polymer solution into the waste stream causing “flocculation”, separating the water and solid fractions en-route to the  Dewatering Container. A polymer solution is produced by using a small amount of neat polymer mixed with water using a mixing propeller housed in the units integral reservoir which creates a homogenised polymer solution. The polymer reservoir has a fill point used for replenishment and cleaning and is fitted with a secured access cover.

On entry to the Dewatering Container the solid fraction of the waste stream is captured using a set of specialized filter panels allowing the water fraction to escape and decanted off under control; the solids then go on to form a cake (a dry waste product) and a clean filtrate.

The EOD/DEOD is fitted with a cyclone system which bypasses the sludge pump and is used to load the Dewatering Container directly using a vacuum tanker or other loading methods when wastewater or sludges contain crude debris such as stones, broken pipework or metal objects etc. that may cause damage or unnecessary wear to the units sludge pump.

There is a control panel fitted for all the units stop / start and reverse functions as well as an emergency stop button, warning lights and remote level control. Both the sludge and polymer pumps are self-priming.

The difference between the two variants; 

  • EOD is powered entirely by an external 3 phase electrical supply to power the units motors.
  • DEOD uses a diesel engine which powers a 12 Kva generator to provide power to the units motors; alternatively an external 3 phase power supply can be used by-passing the units diesel engine. The units generator can also be used to power auxiliary equipment if required.