Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry


Dexter Watson Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services to the dewatering and wet waste industry including;

  • Onsite planning for water and waste water handling facilities
  • Bespoke equipment designs
  • Modifications to expand applications
  • Equipment refurbishment to extend service life
  • Repairs and replacement components
  • Servicing contracts
  • Onsite operator training
  • Organising site licence and permit applications
  • Arranging equipment delivery both nationally and internationally
  • Sludge testing and waste water analysis
  • Polymer and coagulants supplies and technical support

Examples of applications using the dewatering process are;

Domestic waste streams – Septic tanks, grease traps

Industrial waste streams – Gas holders, cooling towers, refinery and mining settling ponds, aggregate washings, stone cutting silts, paint shop residues, abattoirs, tanneries, food processing, wet wells

Environmental waste streams – Sweeper and gully residues, storm drains and culvert, dykes and watercourse, garden ponds, SuDs (Sustainable Drainage Systems), forecourt and surface interceptors, car washes

The dewatering process is used on many other custom applications.

Here at Dexter Watson we are supported by over 90 years experience of engineering and manufacturing with our parent company. Allowing us access to some of the latest manufacturing techniques, processes and machinery in the world. Dexter Watson can design, prototype and manufacture bespoke equipment for your specialist jobs.

Talk to us today on 01904 735 346 with your ideas and we can help them become a reality.