Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry


Dexter Watson supplies a wide range of consumable products for the dewatering and wet waste management industries including;

Polymer and coagulants sales and support

Polyacrylamides better known as polymers are used to flocculate the suspended solids found in waste water, separating the liquid and solid fractions during the dewatering process used in a wide range of applications. Polymers are activated when the correct amount, using a polymer dosing unit, is injected into the waste water being treated and works in conjunction normally with a Sludge Dewatering Container.  The filtrate arising from the process can be further treated if needed using our Final Filtration Unit to remove any remaining contamination such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons and pathogens.

We also offer a waste water testing service to identify the correct polymer to use and have access to a large range of flocculants and coagulants. Our TopFloc range of polymers, being a structured product is the most popular and will cover a wide range of dewatering project applications. Polymer is supplied in IBC’s (1050kg) or Pails (25kg) and is normally delivered through the pallet freight network.

Filters and replacement screening panels

We supply a selection of replacement filter cartridges that include, Active carbon, Enviro, GPES along with filter bags in various sizes all of which complements our Final Filtration Unit. We also supply replacement Dewatering Container filter screening panels and also provide a panel refurbishment service.

Suction delivery hoses
A wide range of suction delivery hoses supplied to required lengths and come complete with your specific couplings ready to use.

Hose couplings and valves
We supply a large selection of hose couplings, both standard and our interchangeable range. We also supply a wide range of ball – butterfly and MZ knife valves in various sizes.

If you require consumables for your dewatering or wet waste management system get in touch via or call 01904 735 346.