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Equipment for the wet waste industry

Simon Moos DEOD Dosing Unit

Simon Moos DEOD Dosing Unit- ideal for sludge dewatering when used in conjunction with AVC / dewatering container.

Diesel / Electric powered Dosing Unit.

Fitted with Kubota diesel engine, Electric drive to sludge & polymer motors with individual speed control for each pump,

30m/3 capacity sludge pump / 850 litre Polymer tank.

Control panel with stop / start and reverse functions as well as an emergency stop button, warning lights and remote level control. Both the sludge and polymer pumps are self-priming

This unit can be used stand alone with no electric requirements.

Cyclone system fitted which bypasses the sludge pump, this can be used to load the Dewatering Container directly using a vacuum tanker.

For further details on this Simon Moos Dosing Unit please call Chris on 07842 244 641.


Dosing Units are used to inject the correct amount of polymer solution into sludge as it is being delivered to one of our dewatering containers or the Simon Moos AVC container

Injecting a polymer solution into a waste stream causes flocculation which greatly speeds up the dewatering process.

The Injected polymer waste stream can then be pumped into one of our Dewatering Containers,

More information on our new Dewatering containers can be found here :-

This dosing unit when linked with a Dewatering Container can be used for various different Environmental waste streams such as: –

Sweeper and gully residues, storm drains and culvert, dykes and other watercourses, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs), forecourt oil and surface water interceptors & car washes

Dewatering Containers are traditionally 28m³ capacity however can be produced in various sizes from 6m³ up to 42m³.