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Equipment for the wet waste industry

Sealed Waste Container

Dexter Watson Ltd produces two variants of their specialised fully Sealed Waste Containers (SWC) which are mounted onto a CHEM (Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association) specification roll on/off, hook lift chassis. Both variants are already being utilised within the slaughter and fish farming industries. They are also proving popular on other applications such as transporting water treatment cake and tannery waste. The SWC’s can also be adapted as an interceptor or filter unit when working in conjunction with air loading equipment such as a Disab.

The first variant has a unique half pipe shape and is designed to prevent glutinous products from sticking especially during tipping and is fitted with a foldaway ladder which is used to gain access to the top of the unit where the loading hatch is located. The loading hatch has a generous 1.3m² aperture and can be supplied either with a sliding or split sealed hatch.

The second; a low level unit and is fitted with a unique hydraulically operated opening and closing loading hatch again with a generous 1.3m² aperture and is designed to be operated from ground level, eliminating the need to ascend to the top of the unit, ideal when having to adhere to the working from height regulations.

The SWC’s are specially designed to be safely loaded and unloaded with minimal risk of spillage. Being totally sealed and locked ensures the contents and odours are prevented from escaping when sited or during transit.

Main Features;

  • Available in 15m³ or 21.5 m³ capacity – or even larger if required
  • Shape allows for easy loading/unloading
  • Internal epoxy coating for exceptional corrosion resistance and prevents product from sticking
  • Externally fully blasted and painted in your colour choice with a durable 2k top coat
  • Heavy duty bushed rollers c/w greased axle
  • Relief vents for safe operation
  • Operated from the front of the unit for safety

Half Pipe Roof Hatch;

  • 1.3m² sealed sliding or split locking loading hatch
  • Heavy duty watertight seal
  • Safety harness fixing points
  • Foldaway ladders for access to the top
  • Ferry lashing points

Low Level Roof Hatch;

  • Remotely hydraulically operated for safe operation from ground level
  • Exceptional access – lid opens to 170º

Rear Door;

  • Full width opening
  • Heavy duty watertight seal
  • Hydraulically operated with locking catches
  • Hold open brace to enable safe access
  • 4″ MZ valve tanker inlet/outlet

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