Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Sealed Specialist Waste Container

Dexter Watson’s Sealed Specialist Waste Container (SSWC) is designed to be safely loaded and unloaded with minimal risk of spillage, it is sealed and locked to prevent such spillages and odours from escaping during transit or when sited.

The SSWC is popular within the slaughter and fish farming industries where odours and liquids are a constant issue, however it can also be used for many other applications such as moving tannery waste and waste water treatment cake. The SSWC can also be used as an interceptor/filter unit when working in conjunction with air loading equipment.

The unique shape of the SSWC is designed to prevent glutinous products from sticking and the interior has a special coating applied preventing corrosion.

Its standard chassis design allows it to be transported by any regular roll-on-off hook loader vehicle.


  • 21.5 m³ capacity
  • None stick shape for ease of unloading
  • 1.4 m² sealed sliding or split locking loading hatch
  • Hydraulically operated rear door with locking catches
  • 4” rear MK lockable drain valve
  • Safety harness fixing points
  • Foldaway ladders for access to the top
  • 6” interceptor inlet & outlets for use on other projects
  • Ferry lashing points