Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Portable Vehicle Reversing Platform

The Dexter Watson’s portable Vehicle Reversing Platform (VRP) was developed to elevate and allow vehicles with low chassis clearances such as road sweepers and gully tankers to discharge their loads safely into the Hi-Tip Reception & Drainage Container.

The VRP’s are manufactured in sections for ease of transportation and are maneuvered into position using fork and chain lifting points and secured together using a bayonet and ratchet fixing system. The platforms are supplied with removable handrails and fitted with reversing stops to prevent vehicle overrun.


  • Bayonets together
  • Forklift channels
  • HIAB lifting points
  • Durbar anti-slip surface
  • Removable side rails
  • Reversing stops
  • Produced to the customers required specification


The Portable Vehicle Reversing Platform also makes up part of the Portable Gully and Sweeper Waste Reception Station.