Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Portable Wet Waste Reception Station

The Portable Wet Waste Reception Station facility is primarily designed to handle street cleaning residues from road sweepers and gully tankers but is also capable of handling many other waste streams. Being portable the system is easily transported to a central position to service any campaign, saving on needless and excessive journey times.

After receiving waste the system separates the solid and water fractions and delivers safe clean water for re-use both in vehicle replenishment and in the facilities processes, greatly reducing the amount going for final disposal; alternatively the separated waste can be further processed through material recovery equipment.

Portable Wet Waste Reception Facility Composition;

  • Stage 1 – Unloading of solids from vacuum tankers, sweepers and other vehicles with a low chassis clearance into the Hi-Tip Reception Container assisted by the Vehicle Reversing Platform. The dirty liquid produced is decanted off by gravity and collected in a reception sump where a submersible pump fitted with level control delivers the liquids to the Coarse Screening Container (CSC) and bulked up before further processing.
  • Stage 2 – Using a polymer and dosing unit the sludge is transferred from the CSC to the dewatering container which injects a suitable amount of polymer causing the sludge to separate into solid and water fractions.
  • Stage 3 – The dewatering container accepts the sludge and processes it so that solid fraction allows a cake to form is separated from the clean filtrate. This clean filtrate is decanted off through forward mounted valves and either delivered to sewer or harvested for further cleaning through our Final Filtration Unit which removes any harmful elements left in the filtrate ready for reuse.
  • Stage 4 – As the units reach their relative capacities each unit can be uplifted by normal hook lift and transported for safe disposal of their contents.

By purchasing this system it allows you to be ready to operate when and where you need it.