Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Polymer Dosing Unit

Dexter Watsons Polymer Dosing Unit (PDU) is used to inject the correct amount of polymer solution into sludge as it is being delivered to one of our dewatering containers. Injecting polymer solution into a waste stream causes flocculation which greatly speeds up the dewatering process. The sludge blending system accepts sludges containing crude debris directly from a tanker or other loading methods. The rotary lobe pump can handle flow rates of up to 42m³/h.


  • Efficient lobe pump
  • Full speed control over both sludge and polymer dosing pumps
  • Compact – housed and transported as a stillage system
  • Easy access for operating and maintenance
  • Remote level control
  • 4″ inlets and outlets
  • 800 litre polymer solution reservoir
  • Storage space for 25kg polymer kegs
  • Power requirement: 3 phase – 32 Amp – 400 Volt

Click here for a PDU printable information sheet.


Detachable Floc Coil

Our Detacahable Floc coil (DFC) is a supplementary option which connects to our PDU outlet providing greater retention time between the polymer solution and the waste stream on its way to the Dewatering Container. This increases flocculation efficiency and reduces polymer consumption. The DFC is a 76 mm (3″) diameter hose coil.

The DFC is compact and sits in its own metal unit when in use and for safe storage. This metal unit sits below the PDU when in use and above when in transport therefore a compact footprint. This also allows for easy transportation between waste transfer sites.

Click here for a DFC printable information sheet.

If you have anymore questions regarding either the PDU or DFC please phone 01904 735 346.