Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Oily Water Separating Container

Our Oily Water Separating Container (OWSC) is designed to accelerate the separation and removal of hydrocarbons from contaminated water containing suspended solids and light silts. Separation is achieved using internally mounted heating coils connected to an external heating source, normally supplied by an industrial boiler or a heat exchanger.

By applying heat this forces the oily contaminates to the surface where they are automatically removed using a floating skimmer. The skimmed product is then delivered to an external holding tank for further processing and possible re-sale; the suspended solids and light silts sink and form layers of inert sediment which are retained by filter panels, allowing the container to be drained down before being disposed of.

The container is mounted onto a hook lift, roll-on-off chassis for ease of transportation and positioning and is fully insulated to retain a constant temperature and prevent heat loss.


  • 28m³ capacity
  • Roll-on-off chassis
  • Adjustable floating oil skimmer
  • Fully sealed hydraulically operated rear door fitted with a lockable 4” MZ valve
  • Safety blast hatch
  • Insulated panels to optimise the systems efficiency
  • Folding access ladder and enclosed handrail system
  • Can be fitted with an exchanger for use with steam or other heat sources