Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Hi-Tip & Drainage Container

The Hi-Tip Reception & Drainage Container (HRDC) is designed to accept heavy wet solids from gully tankers, road sweepers and jet-vacs etc. It works in conjunction with Dexter Watson’s Vehicle Reversing platform (VRP). The VRP allows vehicles with a low chassis clearance to deposit their loads safely into the Hi-Tip’s reception hopper. The units hopper is fitted with a weeping false floor allowing liquid residues to be efficiently drained and decanted off by a manual operated outlet valve.

The sides of the Hi-Tip’s hopper can be lowered when needed to enable the unit to be filled more easily. A deflector shield is attached opposite to the discharge side preventing splashes and over spill of waste products. In addition the hopper is fitted with a guide chute attached to the discharge side to prevent spillages and ground contamination between the VRP and the hopper. The guide chute also acts as a reversing buffer to restrike the reversing vehicles motion from accidentally over running into the units hopper.

Once the hopper has reached capacity it is simply elevated to an almost vertical position using the units integral hydraulic station and control panel; allowing the hoppers contents to be deposited into a standard roll-on-off skip container for onward disposal / recycling. During the tipping process the hoppers weeping floor panels swing open releasing any trapped product and returns automatically to its original position on its decent. An alternative to using a standard skip container is the Dexter Watson DC-20 Drainage Container; the DC-20 is fitted with low level drainage channels, extending the draining period and compliments the HRDC especially during periods of high demand on the system.

The HRDC is mounted onto a CHEM spec roll-on-off chassis for ease of transportation and positioning.


  • Hopper deflector shield & guide chute / reversing buffer
  • Integrally mounted hydraulic station and control panel
  • Mounted onto a CHEM spec roll-on-off chassis
  • Hinged weeping false floor


  • Versatility; the system offers a cost effective alternative to a permanently sited facility
  • Easily transported and positioned between sites
  • Helps prevent ground contamination
  • Eliminates multiple handling of waste products and reduces operator intervention
  • Provides a clean environment for the operator
  • Ideal for Gully, Sweeper and local authority waste transfer stations
  • Savings on energy consumption, labour, running and maintenance costs

Power requirements:

3 Phase -16 Amps – 415 volts using a 5 pin connection.