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Drainage Container

..Delivering considerable savings on disposal and transport costs….

Our Drainage Container (DC-20) is an integral part of the Dexter Watson’s Gully & Sweeper Waste Reception Facility and compliments any waste transfer station.

The DC-20 consists of an open topped container fitted with a bi-directional rollover tarpaulin to prevent the ingress of rain water and unauthorised access to its interior.

The unit is equipped with low level drainage channels fitted with interchangeable grated bolt on steel panels; the varying sized panels are to accommodate differing sized aggregates and debris. The drainage channels direct residual liquids to the front of the unit where there are two decant points fitted with outlet valves to regulate flow rates. There is a full width top hinged rear door which is opened and secured using a hydraulic locking mechanism operated from the front of the container.

The interior is covered with a hard wearing epoxy coating to prevent corrosion and help its contents to slide out with ease. The DC-20 is mounted onto a CHEM spec roll-on-off, hooklift chassis and is simple to operate with minimal maintenance required.


  • 15m³ water tight volume
  • Heavy duty bushed rollers c/w greased axle
  • 3″ decant valves
  • Internal epoxy coating for exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Fully blasted and painted in your colour choice with durable 2K topcoat
  • Wide range of heavy duty modular screening options to suit your requirements

Available with or without the bi-directional rollover tarpaulin cover

Rear Door Features

  • Full width opening
  • Heavy duty watertight seal
  • Remotely operated hydraulic locks
  • Hold open brace to enable safe access


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