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Dewatering Container

Dewatering Container – EX HIRE –  28m³ capacity, manufactured in 2016, good condition, any paint marks touched up to interior and exterior. Ideal for sludge dewatering when used in conjunction with Simon Moos Dosing unit.

New handle fitted for door locking mechanism, supplied fully water tested.

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Dewatering containers are fitted with specialised hard wearing filter panels which separates the flocculated solid and water fractions.

These are delivered by a Polymer Makeup & Dosing Unit. Being a gentle process it uses the waste products own weight and gravity to produce a cake and returns a clean filtrate.

Having a 28m³ capacity the DWC can handle high volumes of throughput and can deliver overall volume reductions of up to 95%.

Dewatering Containers are fitted with a full width top hinged rear door through which the unit is emptied when tipped.

Foldaway ladders are also situated at the front and when drawn down erects a lightweight handrail for access to the top where the units inspection hatches are located.

The standard size of the Dewatering Container is 28m³ but can be produced in various sizes from 6m³ up to 42m³.

Benefits of Dewatering Container;

  • Provides a self-sufficient facility
  • Dramatically reduces overall volumes for disposal
  • Reduces fuel consumption & operating costs
  • Better time management
  • Improves forward planning
  • Gives more control over resources
  • Provides the ability to be more reactive to demands