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Coarse Screening Container

The Dexter Watson’s Coarse Screening Container (CSC) is designed to screen out crude debris from sludge and waste water streams using its unique pivoting grid system which features adjustable apertures to suit individual requirements.

After the waste stream has passed through the grids the screened product is ready for transfer or further treatment through a dewatering process to separate the water and solid fractions.  Dewatering the screened product significantly reduces the overall volumes going for disposal, delivering substantial savings to the operator.

Emptying the CSC is simple; the contents are discharged through a full width rear door which is opened by releasing a hydraulically operated mechanism. During the tipping process both the rear door and the screening grids swing open allowing the trapped debris to slide out; afterwards the grids and rear door return to their original position ready to restart the screening process.

The CSC is versatile and can also be used as an oily water interceptor or bulk nurse tank by simply lifting and securing the screening grids in the elevated position using the on-board winch system. As with most of our dewatering and sludge handling equipment is mounted onto a roll-on-off, hook lift chassis for ease of transportation and positioning.

The system is simple to operate with minimal maintenance and operator intervention required. All operational functions including filling and extraction points, level indicator, foldaway access ladder are situated to the front of the unit.


  • 28 m³ closed container
  • 6” inlet
  • 4” inverted outlet pipe running to a sump
  • 4” MZ lockable decant valves
  • Adjustable screening grids
  • Level indicator
  • Hydraulic operated rear door locking mechanism
  • Rear door prop and closure aid
  • Foldaway ladder and handrails

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Both sludge screening screening grids can be fully raised allowing the Coarse Screening Container to be used as a holding tank on other projects or for cleaning.

The sludge screening grids are easily raised by use of the on board winch system   

The rear door locked open to allow safe access.

The rear door of the Coarse Screening Container opens with the natural tip of the loader movement when locks are released, this allows the Slude Screening remnants to be cleanly deposited. The door may be locked in place by the integrated stay to allow for access.

The CSC can be used as a general purpose holding tank or as part of a larger waste management process such as an oily water inceptor or part of the of the Satellite Wet Waste Treatment Station.

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