Dexter Watson

Equipment for the wet waste industry

Billy Bowie Special Projects Limited

Billy Bowie Special Projects Limited, have their head office in Kilmarnock and depots throughout the north of England, approached Dexter Watson Ltd to convert some existing roll-on/off open containers into 40m3 coarse screening units with a project time of four weeks. Billy needed the crude debris to be screened out before further processing.



“I was so impressed with the transformation of my old units and seeing their potential that I placed an order for several new units from Dexter Watson which I have now put to work. I have several similar redundant units which I will also be sending to them for conversion”.

“The potential savings our company has made with the converted equipment means that we can become more competitive, allowing us to pass on savings to our existing customers and start targeting new customers”.

Billy Bowie, (Owner) Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd